Developing Sales Strategies in Manassas Park, VA: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Business attraction and creation are two essential tactics for entrepreneurs in Manassas Park, VA to grow their sales. In 1990, the city was annexed to Prince William County, and authorities proposed to sell it to a private developer in order to draw businesses, reduce the tax rate, and attract young families to the aging city. This plan has been successful, as “FOR SALE” signs have been replaced with new businesses in the city center. The Village of Manassas Park has helped to energize the city center with its proximity to Park Central, which includes restaurants, a movie theater, shops on the ground floor, and a public plaza for residents, employees, and visitors.

Manassas Park has also been involved in several development projects, making it the city's leading developer of residential and commercial properties. For years, Manassas Park had been a modest hamlet of small Cape Cod houses. It is common for jurisdictions to build land for office parks on land that is of no interest to anyone else. Despite their success (municipal appraisals on all properties increased 19 percent this year), Manassas Park officials recognize that they are not interested in continuing as residential developers. Entrepreneurs in Manassas Park can take advantage of these strategies to develop their sales.

By advertising the city as an ideal place to locate and do business, entrepreneurs can draw new businesses and encourage growth. Additionally, by constructing land for office parks on land that is of no interest to anyone else, entrepreneurs can create more opportunities for their businesses. Manassas Park has seen success with these strategies, as evidenced by the 19 percent increase in municipal appraisals on all properties this year. By utilizing these strategies, entrepreneurs in Manassas Park can develop their sales and create more opportunities for their businesses.